New Video Unveils Secret Push Button Site
That Contains ...

All You Do Is Punch In Your Keyword. It Spits Back Product Ideas, Target Markets, and Back End Ideas.

What's more, It Tells You How Many Products Were Sold, At What Price Point, Percentage of Men vs. Women and even HOW They Were Sold, So You Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel.

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I call it the "Push Button Target Market Finder."

And what it does is spit out target markets and actual buyers...

That is, how many people in a specific target market actually pulled out their credit card or dialed up their Paypal account and spent money to buy a product, how many people did it, and even how many people did it in the last 30 to 90 days.

This is a whole different ballgame than looking at the number of searches on a keyword in Google.  Searches don't mean anything because they don't tell you if people will spend money or not.

Why should you care?

Because if there's one thing that STOPS people dead in their tracks from getting their own products, so they can trade products for dollars instead of time, it must be finding a target market and 12 irresistible product ideas.

I know the frustration that some feel. I know you may have been banging your head against the wall trying to think of what your target market really SHOULD be, what products you could sell and whether or not your ideas a “stinker” or sheer genius.

You know, you're only one good product away from dumping your job or boring life and entering the exciting world of trading products for dollars instead of time. But that's the fly in the ointment, isn't it? Where do you get that target market and one good product idea – without all the guesswork and indecision?

I've racked my brain for many a day on this one: How could I help people get over this hump and get on with it?

I thought, “If there were just a way I could apply my famous Push Button Method to this problem, I'd make a tidy fortune and help out hundreds if not thousands in the process.”

But HOW to do it?

That was the burning question.

Of course, the ultimate solution would be for people NOT to have to reinvent the stupid wheel. Then, just yesterday I was watching a video I purchased about writing copy. Last year I spent $37,652.04 just buying ideas from other marketers because I don't like reinventing the wheel.

The video got me all excited and sent me to the Internet to do research. Low and behold, I stumbled across this site that caused my eyeballs to be glued to the computer screen like a gold digger to the sight of a black Amex card.

Good Gosh. I've Found The Secret Target Market Site Where You Just Type And Get Back Product Ideas,
Target Markets and Sales

Needless to say, I was up almost all night typing in key words and ideas, pushing the button and reading with amazement the results that got spit back at me.

I typed in key words such as horses, leadership skills, motivation, self help, health, dieting, dogs, money management, network marketing, and every other topic imaginable.

In every case, primo lists of buyers were right at my fingertips. I felt so excited you would've thought I just scarfed down a triple shot cappucino.

Here's what this discovery is going to do for you and how to get it -- FREE!

On this "Secret Site" is a text box.  Here's how you use it:

Step One:  You will type in ANY idea for a niche or target market you might have.

For example, if you're thinking about selling a product to nurses would be a good target market, you simply type in the word "nurses."  Whatever your idea or topic is, you just type that into the text box.

Step Two: The program will search 20,139 lists of buyers and spit back at you all the lists it finds on that topic or keyword.

For each list, there is a complete breakdown about it:

  • How many people are in the niche or target market
  • What product people bought
  • How much they spent on it
  • How many people bought the product
  • The total dollars grossed selling the product
  • Percentage of men vs. women
  • Ages
  • How they were sold

What's more, if you're just looking for target markets, feast your eyes on these numbers that are also available, in addition to the buyers list:

  • 37,000+ Consumer Mailing Lists
  • 20,000+ Business Mailing Lists
  • 44,856 Postal Mailing Lists
  • 8,870 E-mail Lists
  • 12,232 Telephone Lists
  • 1,283 Package Insert Programs
  • 9,151 International Mailing Lists

These lists are in addition to the 21,900 info product buyer lists.  But they are virtually ALL target markets you can sell to.  Your mind will whirl like a fan with all the possibilities.

Step Three:  Look at the demand for the list to see how hot the target market is.

Each list is rated by a secret, literally unknown index on a scale of 60 to 100 (below 60, you don't even bother).

An index of 98 would mean the list is in high demand by other marketers.  And that means you've got yourself a list of rabid buyers who buy over and over and over.  I'm not talking searches here. I'm talking people who pull out their credit cards or dial up Paypal and spend cold, hard cash that goes right into your bank account.

There's a big difference between people who search and people who buy.

See, kids, teenagers and broke-as-nails curiosity seekers punch in all kinds of stuff on the search engines.  It's mind boggling what they'll waste hours of time searching for in their spare time.  No wonder they're broke.  I mean, who really CARES about the latest Britney Spears antics?

Apparently, a lot of people. But they aren't spending money.  That's the big difference.  Searchers vs. buyers.

This is very important.  See, if no other marketers have found that list to be responsive, it really makes you wonder how good a target audience it is.  By the same token, if the list is in super demand, that tells you you've stumbled across a target market of hyper responsive buyers who are virtually "in-heat" to buy more of the same products and services.

That's where you come in with YOUR product or service.

The FREE Push Button Target Market Finder Video
Walks You Through The Above 3 Steps And Shows
You Exactly What To Do and How To Do It

I call this amazing site I discovered a "Secret Site" because virtually no one knows about it, including my "guru friends."  So even though it's freely available to anyone, almost no one knows it's there.

And those few who do have no idea how to type in my secret words that unlock the vault to awesome target markets.  You see, on this site is a box.  You type

Because of this, I decided to make everything fast, simple and easy for you. So I sat down at my computer and recorded a video about this "Secret Site" called The Push Button Target Market Finder. It shows you exactly how to follow the three steps above on the free "Secret Site" I discovered. It reveals where the secret site is, the magic keyword to search on that finds the 21,900 lists of buyers and then shows you exactly what to do with the lists once you find them

The video is thorough and complete. And you'll be able to quickly and easily find more hot lists and target markets than you'll know what to do with. It's an absolute adrenalin rush.

Here are just a few tasty info product buyer lists I uncovered in only 30 minutes of pecking around:

* 217,670 religious and spiritual info product buyers (What could YOU sell to them?)
* 946,809 business opportunity info product buyers (Bet you can find something else to sell 'em)
* 65,000 backyard drill dvd buyers (Got anything else they might buy videos of?)
* 160,702 diet product buyers (Hint: sell 'em an info product about dieting!)
* 51,640 subscribers to magazine on "bird talk" (Sell 'em an ebook about bird talk)
* 153,900 handicraft info product buyers (Bet they haven't stopped buying stuff on this topic yet!)
* 113,448 nurses who bought books (This target market is growing fast!)
* 6,487,427 home office entrepreneurs who bought info products (This is an easy one to run with)
* 156,387 homeschool folks who bought an info product (What else you got for em?}
* 5,363,754 big spending parents (If you got something for parents, this is your list)
* 1,683,787 guide to wealth buyers (They're waiting to buy something else about wealth building)
* 875,591 recipe and cookbook buyers (Who else has a cookbook to sell?)
* 87,812 addiction recovering info product buyers (This is a rabid market)
* 95,000 arthritis pain management info product buyers (You got any ideas here?)

Did just that little taste or sampling give you ANY ideas of target markets you might possibly be able to sell an info product to?  Of course, there are 21,886 MORE LISTS for you to get ideas from.  I just cherry picked a few to whet your appetite.

I guarantee you will NEVER lack for target market ideas again.  Never. 

Now, you may be wondering what kind of a track record do I have to be talking about how wonderful this secret "Push Button Site" is.  If you are new to Internet marketing, here are just a few things you should know.

While it's in vogue to say, "I've been doing Internet marketing since 1998,"(or before) I've been not just on the Net but making sales all this time.  Let me explain...

My story is different.

One time I had to pay for deodorant with all pennies.  I had a car that smoked like a bomb.  Yet, I scraped together every dime and nickel I had to buy books and courses that would give me the secrets of selling.  I was determined yet disappointed by some of the things I'd tried that were real stinkers.

Like my first info product How To Avoid TV Repair Ripoff.  I made the classic mistake in selecting that product that many newbies make.  Can you spot why it was a total zero?

Anyway, I kept keeping on and sooner or later, it paid off.  And when I say paid off, let me give you realy, hard numbers.

Here are gross sales of the months I had back then, beginning in March of 99.


Not too shabby when most people at the time were still trying to figure out what a domain name was.  Or, you can go back to 1996.  I'm looking at my 7-18 bank statement with deposits of $18,994.35.  Or 12-17-1996 deposits of $12,866.38.   And so forth.  Now, back then, part of my income was also from speaking and writing.  But the point is, I've been making real money on the Internet for longer than most.

And I've been doing numbers like those, or better, ever since.  And most of those years, I did it from my home office with only a few virtual staff.

I have a long history of numbers like those or better, year after year, with 19 breakthrough products like these:  Gimme My Money Now, How To Create Your Own Products In A Flash, Marketing Dashboard, Design Dashboard, Cash Like Clockwork, Action Grid, Automation Secrets, Web Site Tricks, Push Button Letters, Pr Cash, Web Site Order Taking Machine, Milcers, Internet Profits Explosion Club, How To Write Killer Copy, How to Go From Broke To Prosperity, Product Dashboard, VBlog Secrets, Marketing Diary, Amazing Formula, Red Factor, and that's the short list.  It doesn't include coaching programs I've done, participation in other people's products or some of my lesser selling products.

I've cranked out winner after winner for years.  It's one thing to be a Johnny one-hit wonder. And quite another to do it year after year.  Most people would be ecstatic to have just one or two of those products on their resume.

I've innovated a number of techniques that are now commonplace including the 12-step formula for writing sales letters, 2-page web site model, structure of modern download pages, and the list goes on and on.  Suffice it to say, I was a major contributor to what is just accepted practice in today's Internet marketing.  The seminars I spoke at in Boulder, Colorado with Jonathan Mizel and Declan Dunn hold a special place in Internet marketing lore.  And I spoke at the first four Carl Galletti events as well as Yanik Silver's amazing birthday blowout.

In addition, I've spoken at over 120 seminars around the world including Australia, Bermuda, Kauai, London and Birmingham in the UK, and all over the U.S. -- including Seattle, San Francisco, Las Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, New York, and Cincinnati.

With the help of Paul Myers and a long list of contributors, I played a crucial role in rallying the troops to speak out to the FTC about proposed legislation concerning the Can Spam law as it influenced affiliate marketing.

Most recently, I was a featured at the Next Internet Millionaire seminar produced by Joel Comm.  I've had the honor and pleasure of speaking at Big Seminar not once but twice and most recently spoke at Frank Garon's event in London.

I say these things NOT to impress you but to impress upon you I have a track record of knowing what I'm talking about and I didn't just fall off the log yesterday.

You may be wondering why I would give you this amazing video -- FREE.  Well, it's simply to get you to try out my new webinar called Secrets Of A Ninja Marketer -- How To Sell 4,894 Products In Your First 12 Months Without Breaking A Sweat. 

Naturally, this number is based on what I've done and isn't representative of what the average person on the webinar will do, nor is it a guarantee of income, as you know if you read my Marlon's Marketing Minute ezine at all.  But I WILL reveal the secrets of how I've done just that (or better) year after year -- without doing "hard labor."

If you're working hard instead of hardly working,
this is a webinar you simply can't miss.

This takes what I taught at the Next Internet Millionaire and takes it to the next level by showing you not just how to find the low hanging fruit but how to find irresistible product ideas people love to buy and h How to select the one idea with the highest probability of success, so you don't waste even one moment on a loser, even if you don't have a mailing list.

My Ninja Marketing Methods revealed here are NOT in the Product Dashboard nor the coaching program. This secret method goes above and beyond to give you that extra edge.

If you do have the Next Internet Millionaire video, there will still be new information on this webinar.  And if you do NOT have the video, you're in for fresh, new information you haven't heard me present before. And I seriously doubt you've heard it from anyone else.

Here's the thing -- the way most people go about getting product ideas is totally wrong and sure to doom you to failure before you even create the blasted product to begin with.  Then, people wonder why they tried and failed or had less than stellar success.

They blame the copy.  Blame their advertising.  Blame themselves. The blame goes on the product IDEA.  It was a stinker. But they simply didn't have any way to know it.

It's enough to cause you to pull your hair out.  I mean, you're either young and trying to make a name for yourself. Or you're over 40 and got retirement staring down at you like the barrell of a Smith and Wesson .45. Either way, you don't have time to reinvent the wheel.

There's a secret.  A simple secret to coming up with winning product ideas.  And I want to share that secret with you on this amazing webinar.  And give you a cheat sheet that will make sure you're on the right track.

Here are the three things you'll discover:

Part one:  How to find the low hanging fruit

These are the products and niches where you don't have to work your ever lovin' tail end off to get people to buy something. If you're in a highly competitive market, I'll show you how to find the low hanging fruit there. And if you're simply searching for your target market, I'll show you what to look for.  As a result, you'll know how to find products where making sales is like a waitress picking up a tip.  You reach down, snag it and stick it in your pocket.

Part two: How to find 12 irresistible product ideas that people love to buy

One product idea isn't enough.  You need 12. But not just any product idea. You need an idea people will find irresistible to buy.  I show you the secret of creating irresistible info product ideas.

Part three:  How to select the one idea with the highest probability of success, so you don't waste even one moment on a loser.

Once you get your 12 irresistible product ideas, you gotta narrow it down to the one you wanna run with. I'll show you my special matrix for taking those 12 ideas and picking the 1 best one to start with.

This is what it's all about.  Finding the low hanging fruit and getting the big product idea that people will just love to buy.

Now, just for getting the Secrets of a Ninja Marketer webinar, I'm going to give you my Push Button Target Market Finder video -- FREE!  It'll show you the secret free site where you punch in your key word and it spits back what people buy, how much they spend and how they buy it.

In the unlikely event you decide to request a refund on the Secrets of a Ninja Marketer webinar, you'll get to keep the Push Button Target Market Finder video as my gift.

Here's my guarantee:  Get on the Secrets of a Ninja Marketer webinar.  If you don't feel it was worth 10X what you paid for it, then just live chat my support team or post a ticket using our online system and I'll not only refund your money, I'll not only let you keep the Push Button Target Minder Finder video FREE, I'm going to ...

Give you an extra $20.00 back for your trouble.

That is how confident I am you're gonna love this webinar.  At worst, you end up 20 bucks ahead.  And that beats a poke in the eye.

The only catch is, signing up for a webinar package that has a limited number of seats available. And when they're gone, they're gone.

In summary when you sign up for the Secrets Of A Ninja Marketer -- How To Sell 4,894 Products In Your First 12 Months Without Breaking A Sweat webinar , you get:

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Yes, I want to a Ninja Marketer. I want to join the Secrets Of A Ninja Marketer -- How To Sell 4,894 Products In Your First 12 Months Without Breaking A Sweat webinar and get free exclusive access to the Push Button Target Finder Video

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Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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